Targeting Turnover – How to Use Stay Interviews to Dramatically Cut Turnover Costs

Regardless of industry, company size or department function, turnover is a very real bottom line cost that can be measured in lost productivity, performance or profitability. In this webinar, we share how leading organizations are using stay interviews to dramatically cut turnover costs using a proven method that can be implemented by any sized team.

The Stay Interview Secret: A Simple Strategy to Dramatically Increase Retention & Engagement

Is employee turnover a serious issue for your organization?   Are your current engagement programs and surveys no longer effective?  Chances are you have the right intentions, but just the wrong tools.

The 3 Shortfalls of Employee Surveys & How Stay Interviews Can Help

Have you been using engagement and exit surveys without success?  Is employee turnover cost becoming a big issue for your organization?   Chances are you have the right intentions, but just the wrong tools.

The Stay Interview Quick Start Plan – 5 Key Questions That Will Dramatically Improve Your Retention Results

Last year we revealed “The Stay Interview Secret”.  Now that people have heard and read about Stay Interviews, the question we get is –  how do we get started?

Stay Interview Success – How To Turn Managers Into Retention Rockstars

There seems to be a secret that only HR knows…managers drive who quits and who stays. So the solution for solving turnover problems must not only engage the employee but also the manager.  The solution: Stay Interviews.

The Engagement Roadmap – 4 Ways To Improve Engagement Scores Using Your Own HR Strategy & Technology

With all the buzz about engagement over the past few years, the reality is that most programs are not generating measurable, bottom-line results.  But the problem is not necessarily what you are doing, but rather how you are doing it!